About Me

I am a Software Engineer currently working in Microsoft Center of Excellence team at Mindtree. I started my professional career in 2013 after completing my graduation as Bachelor in Computer Science. My time during graduation was spent on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Since beginning of my professional career I have been working in .NET and its surrounding ecosystem.

I am a technology enthusiast and love to dig in emerging technologies. Most of my working hours are spent on creating architecture, evaluating upcoming products and developing frameworks. In my short career, I have designed architecture and successfully delivered products for multiple companies. Currently I am obsessed with ASP.NET Core and have been following it since it was announced.

Outside professional life, I spend most my time playing DotA, reading books, keeping myself up to date with new technologies and trying to break (into) stuffs.☺

If you want to play DotA or just have chat you can get in touch with me on twitter @ankitbko.